2013 Summit Materials

Summit participants heard from state and national experts about the importance of regular school attendance and successful strategies for reducing truancy. Leaders in each county have been asked to develop partnerships and a local plan that makes sense for the community.  The partners include educators, judges, law enforcement, social services agencies, and others.

Participants at the summit came away energized and eager to put plans into action that help young people succeed in school and in life.

Here are the links to documents related to the Summit:

Summit schedule

Bios of speakers at plenary sessions

Bios of other presenters

The School Discipline Consensus Project PowerPoint, presentation by Carl Reynolds, Senior Legal and Policy advisor, Council of State Governments Justice Center

Keeping Children Out of the School-to-Prison Pipeline PowerPoint, a presentation by Mark Fancher, Racial Justice Project Manager, ACLU of Michigan

Michigan Department of Education Zero Tolerance policy resolution, adopted in June 2012 by the Michigan State Board of Education, stating that zero tolerance policies requiring school suspensions and expulsions are overused and harmful, and urging public schools to review policies and make changes where appropriate

Safely and Effectively Reducing School Arrests and Improving Graduation Rates through Collaboration: Birmingham, Alabama and Clayton County, Georgia, presentation by former Jefferson County (Alabama) Family Court Judge Brian Huff on the problem of Zero Tolerance policies and success in reducing truancy

Collaborative Agreement, Birmingham (Alabama) City Schools Collaborative, a pact by the school district, police department, family court, and district attorney’s office to work together to handle issues involving juveniles and to avoid where appropriate referring students to the juvenile Justice system

The Court’s Role in Dismantling the School-to-Prison Pipeline, an article by Judges Steven C. Teske and J. Brian Huff in Juvenile and Family Justice Today, Winter 2011

Truancy Laws PowerPoint, presentation by Frank E. Vandervort, Professor of Clinical Law, the University of Michigan Law School

Michigan Truancy Laws, the text of Michigan statutes regulating school attendance and truancy

Michigan Department of Human Services PowerPoint, presentation by Sheryl Thompson, Deputy Director of DHS Field Operations on how chronic absenteeism affects families, school resources, and the Pathways to Potential Model

Pathways to Potential Staff. listing of DHS county and state staff

Pathways to Potential Detroit Schools Success Coaches Directory

Pathways to Potential Flint Schools Success Coaches Directory

Pathways to Potential Kalamazoo Schools Success Coaches Directory

Pathways to Potential Warren Success Coaches Directory

Pathway to Potential Muskegon Schools Success Coaches Directory

Pathway to Potential Pontiac Schools Success Coaches Directory

Pathway to Potential Saginaw Schools Success Coaches Directory

Adolescence and Juvenile Justice: Developmental and Neuroscience Findings and Implications, presentation by Daniel P. Keating, Professor of Psychology, Psychiatry, and Pediatrics at the University of Michigan

Efforts to Reduce Disproportionate Minority Contact in Michigan’s Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice Systems, presentation by Paul Elam, project manager, Public Policy Associates, Inc.

2010-12 Michigan Child Welfare Disproportionate Minority Contact Data Book, a complilation and analysis of state and county data on children in Michigan’s child welfare system

Summit Session Notes Form, a guide for framing learning from the Summit

Youth Voice Brochure, describing Youth Voice, a network promoting individual and collective power for young people in Detroit

Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports PowerPoint, presentation by Steve Goodman, director of Michigan’s Integrated Behavior and Learning Support Initiative, on effective prevention and intervention strategies

Midland County Truancy PowerPoint, a presentation on Midland County’s innovative strategies for reducing truancy and delinquency

Midland County School and Court Truancy Protocol, a four-page summary of Midland County’s collaborative programs to prevent truancy and improve school attendance

Midland County Truancy Protocol Flow Chart

Midland County Sample First Truancy Letter to Parents

Midland County Sample Second Letter to Parents

Midland County Sample School Attendance Agreement

Midland County Sample Truancy Petition Form

Sibley School (Kent School Services Network), Signals for Success PowerPoint, a presentation on a nationally recognized success story

Charting a Different Course PowerPoint, presentation by Hedy Chang, director, Attendance Works, on addressing chronic absenteeism as part of the effort to reduce truancy

School Justice Partnerships, a Broader Perspective, remarks by Peter Edelman, professor of law, Georgetown Law Center

Summit Participants

Summit Planning Committee

Summit References

Copper Country Intermediate School District (ISD) Truancy Program, a summary of the ISD’s collaborative efforts to reduce truancy

Truancy Accountability Hearing Form

Houghton County Truancy Letter, sample letter with petition

Copper Country ISD Truancy Non-Compliance Notice

Copper Country ISD Truancy Meeting Notice

Copper Country ISD Truancy Report Form

Copper Country ISD Truancy Officer Form

Copper Country ISD Transport Consent Form

Copper Country ISD Truancy Complaint Checklist

Houghton County Prosecutor’s Truancy Letter